Microsoft 365 Administration & Support

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End-to-End M365 Support

Many companies start their journey to the cloud by transitioning their Microsoft Exchange network and its related services to Microsoft’s 365 ecosystem. It simplifies how organizations of all sizes use productivity applications while offering an on-ramp to a vast number of other applications and cloud services ranging from Power BI to Identity Management through to Dynamics for CRM and accounting functions.

ICS, a certified Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions provider, is here to help. Our customers will benefit from seamless implementation, administration, and support of all Microsoft 365 services without having to lift a finger.

We work when you do and beyond

Intras, Cloud Services’ Microsoft 365 support staff works 24/7/365 globally. Need a new user provisioned? We’ll do that. 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning in APAC, we’re good there too. We’ll provision the licenses you need and create accounts, distribution lists, update policies and more.

We offer Basic, Premium, and Elite tiered services to all our clients. Whether you have 50, 500, or more users, we have the right solution for your organization.

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Here’s how ICS makes your Microsoft 365 experience better:

Our clients can make requests for technical inquiries and account modifications through our enterprise-class ticketing systems. You can interact with our support organization either through a self-service portal or by simply e-mailing us day or night. Are you also using some of our other services? No problem, you have complete visibility into your full support history.

The journey to the Microsoft 365 cloud services platform is not a one-and-done project. This transition requires an organized plan that takes your needs and timeline into consideration. We look at identity management, file shares, user experience, and critical integration with other premises and SaaS-based services that are a part of your organization’s strategy and accommodate it into your Microsoft 365 migration.

Whether you’re coming from on-premise Exchange and Sharepoint or a host of other applications and services from a plethora of providers, we’ve done it before and will bring that level of expertise to successful deployment of the Microsoft 365 stack of services.

We take the mystery out of Microsoft 365 billing. Our operations team has the tools required to take a single Microsoft 365 tenant and bill the services as if every department and/or location was an independent cost center. This means no more internal resource time needs to be wasted on auditing Microsoft invoices or explaining to internal accounting representatives what charges belong to which departments, locations, or users. Leave the complexity of billing to us and get back to doing what you do best, growing your business.

Information security is in our DNA. We aim to deliver world-class cybersecurity solutions because that keeps your IT network safe. Our management processes are built on industry best practices incorporating procedural elements from leading security standards groups such as NIST and CIS. If you have questions about whether you're meeting this standard, call us. We can audit existing deployments of Microsoft 365 to ensure you’ve got a comprehensive understanding of your setup vs industry standards. We’ll deliver a GAP analysis inclusive of recommendations to fully optimize and protect your IT.