Data Backup and Recovery

Keep your information safe and available at all times

Customized, automated backup and practical recovery solutions

Your business relies on your database and the minute it is compromised, whether by a data breach or a fire, your operations come to a halt. Without proper Data Backup and Recovery solutions in place, you risk going out of business. Take no chance. Partner with Intras, Cloud Services and we’ll ensure your data is always safely backed up and available, no matter what disaster strikes.

We’ll study your current backup capability and your storage needs, so we can implement your best fit, most effective solutions. With the experts from Intras, Cloud Services on the job, you can work at ease, knowing no disaster can stop you from serving your clients.

Our Data Backup and Recovery solutions involve:

  • Geo-redundant data centers that keep your critical information safe at all times
  • Automated backup that makes data retrieval a breeze
  • Routine updates and upgrades so you are always leveraging the latest technology
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your database to prevent potential attacks
  • Real-time security reporting of your backed-up data