IT Governance & Compliance Consulting

Professional training and consulting to help you maintain compliance with industry regulations

Maximizing productivity while minimizing risks with effective protocols and training programs

Depending on its industry, each organization must comply with certain sets of laws and regulations. On an internal level, companies also follow corporate governance to keep employees moving in the same direction, toward the same goal. These can include ethics, accountability, management controls, and much more.

Following the rules can be a challenge. They can be complex, and poor training can lead to managers not governing and employees not complying. To succeed, a company needs to integrate effective governance and compliance training, identifying which aspects of the company are at the most risk and address such vulnerabilities.

Intras, Cloud Services offers IT Governance & Compliance Consulting for employees across all departments of the company, equipping your teams with the tools needed to monitor workflows, minimize risks, and maintain easy compliance with changing regulations. Let us know about your compliance needs and our seasoned consultants will help you create a training program designed specifically for your business.

The seasoned consultants at ICS can help you with:


Payment information is one of the most sensitive data on the internet, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has set regulations on how much security your company needs. Noncompliance may result in expensive fines and even the closure of your business.

ICS offers PCI Compliance Services, a hassle-free service that ensures you avoid such setbacks. Our PCI experts will run thorough and routine audits, addressing any gaps in your systems and keeping you compliant with the PCI standards as you scale.


The General Data Protection Regulation, a law on data protection and privacy, can often create headaches and worries, but the GDPR consultants at Intras, Cloud Services can help. We’ll keep you compliant to the changing GDPR rules by implementing reliable software and the data you collect to help your teams leverage it better without violating the rules and clients’ trust.

Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing is designed to uncover any hidden weak links that, if left unpatched, could result in a damaging breach or cyberattack. We also offer vulnerability scanning, which helps to identify and address any vulnerabilities in different aspects of your defense scheme, improving your protection against advanced threats.

We offer various degree of services to suit each company’s specific needs, so tell us about yours and we’ll take it from there.