G Force – Incident Response

Your dedicated, expert response team to resolve problems fast and minimize any potential cybersecurity damage

Minimize your potential cybersecurity damage, downtime, and loss of productivity by partnering with ICS for our Incident Response services

Think of a cyberattack as a medical emergency. Every second wasted leads to the possibility of more damage. A reliable dedicated response team responds to your issue as soon as possible, patching up any security issues and eliminating the threat before it can wreak too much havoc on your systems.

A cyberattack can also be compared to a physical assault. If you were attacked, you would need investigators who can find the culprit and bring them to justice, so that they are no longer a threat to you or anyone else. When you partner with Intras, Cloud Services for our Incident Response services, we’ll identify the threat and the targeted solution that’ll keep them out of your network for good.

Our services are customized to support each client’s specific needs, so tell us about your business and let us help you find the right solution for your business.

Flexible Retainer Agreements

Retainer agreements allow a company or a freelancer to have a long, fruitful relationship with their clients. However, as a client, you may be hesitant to sign a retainer agreement, simply because the future is unpredictable, and that is completely understandable. That’s where flexible retainer agreements from ICS come in. These agreements are more flexible and ensure changes or early contract termination are less of a hassle.

Tell us about your needs and let us help you make the agreement that works best for your business.