Proven security solutions that will leave you feeling confident

Protect your systems and data from emerging threats with
cutting-edge CyberSecurity solutions

Cybercriminals never stop refining their scams, and they are now targeting small- and medium-sized businesses, putting countless companies out of business after a single data breach. Take no chance. Protect everything you’ve worked for with comprehensive, up-to-date CyberSecurity solutions from ICS.

Every organization’s IT infrastructure has its weaknesses, so we’ll analyze yours thoroughly to pinpoint your vulnerabilities. Then, we’ll implement solutions that address these weak links and improve your overall security performance. From firewalls and real-time threat detection to email protection and antivirus software, your business will be holistically protected from any current or emerging cyber threat.


X-tended Detection & Response

  • Perimeter Security Management
  • Email Security Management
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection & Analysis


IT Governance & Compliance Consulting

  • PCI Compliance Services
  • GDPR Consulting
  • External/ Internal Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing
  • Infrastructure Discovery & Gap Analysis


G,Force Incident Response & Forensics

  • Dedicated Response Team
  • Flexible Retainer Agreements
  • Detailed Vulnerability Assessments & Forensic Analysis


Security Awareness Training & Behavior Analytics

  • Campaign-based Phish Simulations
  • Targeted Phishing Awareness Training
  • Governance & Compliance Training
  • Automated Reporting & Analytics