Security Awareness Training

On-demand lessons and insightful reports that effectively curb your cybersecurity risks

Cybercriminals penetrate a company’s network through the tiniest gaps, using new, ever-evolving methods. That’s why it’s no longer enough to invest in state-of-the-art firewalls and threat detection, but leave your employees vulnerable to phishing attacks and other common scams that have led to countless enterprise security breaches.

To help you address these vulnerabilities, Intras, Cloud Services has combined Security Awareness Training & Behavior Analytics to keep your teams up to date with the latest cybersecurity best practices and get more visibility into your security performance.

Security Awareness Training

Our training program provides current, easy-to-understand, and effective education on common cyberthreats, how to spot a scam, and what to do should your team members notice a suspicious activity in your network to minimize the potential damage.

The training covers a list of common online attacks, but focuses on phishing scams — one of the most successful tools cybercriminals use to obtain a company’s data and put countless organizations out of business. With phishing attacks, hackers send out seemingly legitimate emails to victims in an attempt to trick them into revealing sensitive information. Contrary to the stereotype, phishing emails aren’t always poorly worded and obvious. Often, they contain the recipients’ personal details such as their name, making it more difficult for employees to avoid falling into the trap. And that’s where ICS’s Security Awareness Training can help.

In addition to clear, practical lessons on the topic, we use simulated phishing emails and campaign-based phish simulations that cover SMS phishing and vishing, the same concept of scamming via phone or voice messages, to ensure your team members truly know how to spot, avoid, and report such threats.

Automated Cybersecurity Reporting

Analytics are essential to any modern business, as truly understanding how your business performs can help you iron out any flaws and improve. Intras, Cloud Services offers Automated Cybersecurity Reporting, an on-demand report with clear, easy-to-digest insights on your security performance, risks, and potential solutions.

With more visibility into how your defenses are holding up against emerging threats, you can patch up any vulnerabilities effectively and in time, ensuring your entire organization remains secure.

Contact us for more information on our Automated Cybersecurity Reporting and what it can do for your business.